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"I am a new person. My self confidence has increased considerably.
My life has made a full turn-around since I began my sessions with LInda. I am noticing more laughter and gratitude and acceptance everyday.

I have a job now and a new career! I am setting and reaching my goals.

Linda uses all sorts of modalities...that most therapists are not trained to use. I didn't think anyone understood me - Linda does. I have felt very comfortable in working with her. A friend referred me and I am very grateful. "

- Margaret Forcier
(Name used with permission.)



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"I am feeling much more peaceful and happy since working with Linda. The therapy has helped put behind me several painful and upsetting events in my life. It has enabled me to move on in a more powerful way .

I especially liked the gentleness of the process. In the beginning I found it hard to believe that something so loving and non-threatening could have such a dramatic effect on my mind. However, after experiencing the results, I am a believer.

Linda Carney is a loving and caring therapist. I have recommended her to other people and will continue to do so. "

- Mary Barbara
A Course in Miracles leader and founder of
A Course in Miracles Center, St. Petersburg, FL
(All used with permission.)




"I now enjoy a restful night's sleep! The eternal nightmares I have had all my life are gone! Now, I feel so much more relaxed and confident!

My self-esteem and confidence have returned. I no longer feel any guilt, or that I am not as good as other people.

The relaxation exercises and mild suggestions Linda treated me with were more effective than any of the past therapies I received from former therapists through the years!

I am 76 years old and this is the first time I have ever experienced such rapid healing and in only 2 sessions! The "Rapid Trauma Resolution" Linda uses resolves the traumatic and abusive events from our past! It is a remarkable, almost magical form of therapy! I recommend Linda highly!

You have been such a help to me in my healing! I will continue to sing your praise. Thanks again Linda!!

- Lillian Latoza
Leader, Incest Survivors Support Group
(All used with permission.)



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"Life isn't as complicated and frustrating. I'm learning to look past life's problems to realize solutions are there. I'm learning the life-changing importance of a positive attitude in any situation. Thank you, Linda."

- anonymous





"Linda is spiritually aware and her approach with higher consciousness has been helpful and transforming. "

- C. W


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