Linda Carney, LMHC

Linda Carney was trained in past life regression therapy by Dr. Brian Weiss, MD, and uses his methods in her therapy. Dr. Weiss is a world renowned psychiatrist, and author of numerous best-selling books, including Many Lives, Many Masters, Through Time Into Healing, and Only Love is Real.

Through hypnosis, the client is regressed to memories of experiences that seem to be before birth in this
lifetime. Whether seen as actual events from a past life, or simply as useful metaphors, recalling such "memories" can often resolve issues that have not responded to other forms of therapy. (Dr. Weiss' books give numerous examples of successful therapy.)

Past LIfe Regression Therapy is offered only when clinically appropriate, since Rapid Trauma Resolution
(dealing with events from this life) may often be more effective.

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Linda & Dr. Weiss

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