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Are you seeking help with relationship issues, low self esteem, or perhaps disabling fears? Have you tried therapy before with little or no positive results? Have you struggled with symptoms of depression, anxiety, or perhaps some form of addiction?

I believe in using solution-focused, relatively short-term therapy where possible, while helping clients to resolve blocks from the past that may interfere with the present. Strengths are emphasized, while limiting behaviors are released and resolved.

When people feel "stuck" and unable to change limiting beliefs or painful behavior patterns, it is often because the subconscious mind---the part of the mind below our awareness---needs help resolving an earlier event, memory, or belief that is still painful or disturbing.

Using Rapid Trauma Resolution (also known as Rapid Resolution Therapy), where appropriate, can resolve such issues easily, painlessly, and relatively quickly. People often report feeling much better in as few as one to three sessions. (Please see section on Rapid Trauma Resolution.)




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